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Post  Alice Cullen on August 27th 2008, 11:44 pm

Yeah, Yeah, I know... there are always rules to fallow at a party... bummer. =.=;

1. No Spamming - Its not appreciated
2. Swearing - You can swear at times, just not in every sentence. Be mature. =P
3. Spelling - Well, again, I know a few mistakes are okay, just try not to misspell a lot.

Oh, and, I should tell you that this will be some what difficult for Edward and Alice because of their talents -thus why I took upon Alice-. So, for Edward, I would like all users to speak their minds... not like actually speaking them aloud, but to think them in each post. To make it simpler, just italic your thoughts.

Thank-you so very much~

-Alice Cullen


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Re: ..::Rulez::..

Post  Villy Vonka on September 13th 2008, 2:20 am

No Pretending to be a admin or a mod when your just a user, your allowed to help out on the forum. but if one of the staff catches you trying to say
"ill ban your account" "im going to go into the admin panel "your deleted" or anything like that, you will be the one with the warning. Smile
Villy Vonka

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